DAZN Sonic Branding

hear the main logo sound

Video / DAZN sonic Mnemonic and start-up sound. 
Perform Group. 2016


A responsive sonic identity.

DAZN you could say, is 'a Netflix for sport' launched this year in Japan. We were asked by DAZN's interaction design partner Method, to work directly with the client to help develop an ambitious sonic identity that would work across a diverse range of software and hardware products and platforms.

We developed a responsive brand sonic mnemonic that phonetically describes the brands name pronounced "Dah-Zone". We wanted to create something with energy, anticipation and excitement of millions of people about to tune in and watch the World Cup, or the formula one.

We used 3D audio recordings of crowd and stadium atmosphere which were manipulated creating a sense of everyone watching something together.
We worked closely with the client creating a UI asset toolkit of additional audio-icons that would work responsively from small mobile phone built in speakers, right up to large Dolby surround systems and speaker installs in bars and restaurants.
We wanted to recreate the experience of resonance and vibrations that happen in a stadium. These sustained sounds, this wall of noise. The suspended yells and applauses in the air.
Watching sport is never silent, but there's always extreme dynamics, you enter a phase of preparation, and like a sport, you need a warm up....
DAZNs sonic identity is an intro and outro to an amazing experience, just like a warm up stretch.