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Video / Special Obelisk X Kano performance by Karl Sadler and The Molecules
Kano computers 2017

Obelisk X Kano 

Gesture controlled music making

We collaborated with Kano to design and create a set of musical sounds and loops that allow children to explore and code their own gesture based musical instruments. But of course in an Obelisk mash-up way. :) Read more about it here

We’re working with Kano on several things, and developing what they do with sonic, sound and music is a big important factor. Kano, like any lean tech start up needs to think on it’s feet, and with the new motion sensor it was quickly realised that we really needed to focus and respond with some exciting audio fun and playfulness so that when the project launches there’s some cool stuff to explore. We decided to collaborate openly with Kano and do ‘an Obelisk take over’ of their product and what it can do.
Obelisk worked with lead art director Leon Sadler to design a live puppet performance with a set of specially designed and crafted ‘Molecule’ creatures, that represent the modular construction kit of sound assets and loops that can be remixed, re-patched and shared by children through their code creations. We purposefully also licensed the audio work openly with Creative Commons licensing which encourages children to mash up and repurpose the sounds and loops as their own in the spirit of learning and playing with sonic material.