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Video / Kokoon product explainer video
Kokoon. 2016


sleep sensing smart headphones

Kokoon are an exciting tech startup and neighbours of ours in Brixton. They've developed a 'hearable', a smart set of headphones that help us fall asleep. They use specially designed materials and gels that can be slept in along with noise cancelling technology to send us into dreamland. 

The most exciting part of their design though is the built in EEG sensor that reads your brains activity and levels of sleep state. With this sensor and in combination with the kokoon sleep app, it can deliver relaxing and soothing audio generatively and respond to how you're actually drifting off. 

Obelisk collaborated with Kokoon to build a library of hyper sensitive and realistic natural soundscapes. Working with a team of composers and sound designers we explored and took great care to record soundscapes in 3D spatial technology that create highly realistic and transformative environments. We recorded on location in Dartmoor in England to capture the wild textures and atmospherics of trees in the wind for example, and flew to Iceland to get the subtle sounds of melting glaciers and waterfalls.