Mercedes C Class

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Video / Music and soundscape design created for 30 and 45 second television commercials.
Clemenger BBDO. 2017

Mercedes C Class

Soundscape design and music composition

We were approached by Clemenger BBDO to compose a sophisticated soundscape of music and sound design for a quick turnaround television and radio campaign for Mercedes. 

This is one of those projects you do as a sound design studio, which is like. Yeah, look, we did a car ad! Mad energy, crazy short turnaround. We were writing a couple of tracks a day for about three days whilst simultaneously pulling together quite specific car and underwater sound design elements. This was one of the most challenging projects we’ve done and delivered in a very short space of time. A lot of very intricate sound and mood to be expressed in thirty seconds. We’re used to spending a lot of concentration on what we call nano sounds, sub second duration UI sounds and interactions, but these projects allow us to mix our love of macro micro sound design and emotion, drill in to the details, but pull out to the over all energy of an expressive film piece.