The XX sculpture of an album

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Video / Karl Sadler explains how he designed an immersive audio installation for the band The XX.
XL Recordings/Partizan. 2010

The XX sculpture of an album

3D immersive audio experience

We designed an immersive audio experience that allowed the audience to hear The XX’s album performed in 3D sound. We programmed a system and tools that synchronised video, audio and lighting that could be transported easily, safely, and be set up simply.

Film director Saam Farahmand approached Karl Sadler and Obelisk to help create his vision of an immersive and physical music video for the Mercury music­winning The XX in 2010. At this point, the band were unknown and the installation was to be designed to launch their debut album. We worked with Saam to create a three­dimensional soundstage where an audience could walk among the monolithic structure and listen and see the band on video screens simulating them performing their music live in the space. We developed a simple and cost­effective solution that would synchronise 3D sound that would also sync to programmed lighting effects.

Since this project, Obelisk has created numerous other audio installation work including a commission from Vice’s Creators Project, with a collaboration between gothic pop artists Esben and the Witch and Karl Sadler, recreating a giant living indoor forest with interactive lighting and quadraphonic sound.